Over time due to the design we are seeing more and more Subaru calipers in need of reconditioning with seized or sticking pistons, we have no reconditioned around 1000 sets since 2010. The pistons fitted to these calipers from the factory are chrome plated steel, and after time the thin layer of chrome pits leaving the unprotected mild steel open to the elements, this area rusts and then seizes in the bores. Also the actual caliper housing under the dust cover corrodes and that can also cause the pistons to seize.

We offer a service which includes brand new SWRD stainless steel pistons, these never pit and will last a lifetime. You should never have a problem of sticking pistons again after we have reconditioned them using SWRD pistons.

All calipers which are bolted together are split and new casting seals used on re-assembly beware of other companies not doing this. Also our Brembo Service includes a new seal kit where our competitors don’t always include the new seals just clean your old ones.The pistons are re used in the Brembo Calipers as they don’t corrode and replacing them is unnecessary unless damaged.
The reconditioning process

1. We strip the calipers down
2. They are then chemically cleaned
3. They are then shot blasted
4. Then powder coated any colour you want from the chart
5. We then rebuild them with new seals
6. And fit up-rated stainless steel pistons
7. Also we add new stainless steel bleed screws and dust covers

We offer these on an exchange basis for those who cannot take their cars off the road, as in daily drives, we can send you out a pair of fully reconditioned calipers for you to swap, then send your old units back to us, we will return you a refund of between £60 and £200 for this dependant upon the calipers you're purchasing. Some surcharges are high but they are set to allow us to be able to purchase replacements for stock should you not return your old units. Your calipers being sent back to us cannot have any damage to the castings, and all threads must be intact . If they have damaged threads we can usually accept them but reduce the surcharge to reflect the work involved with re thread work required, as with damage to the castings such as bad corrosion on the mounting lugs on Brembo Calipers. You must cover your own postage costs for the return set.

There are various options listed in the brakes section of the website

Email us on info@scoobyworx.com to check on stock and availability.
That said we run on a stock of around 20 sets of calipers so we are usually ok on stock.


We offer 4 options for our calipers
Option 1: We recondition your own calipers (ideal where you don't need your car)

Option 2: Exchange (We send you one of our stock sets of calipers then you send us your set once you have fitted the reconditioned ones)

Option 3: Outright Purchase

Option 4: Exchange with Fitting ( We recondition a set of our stock calipers and fit them at an pre agreed date and time for you and take your old calipers in exchange. Your old calipers must be in state where we can recondition them without any damaged threads or snapped bolts or bleed screws)

The reconditioned calipers are exactly that and do sometimes have some pits and marks in the casings.
Although these are mainly on the rears of the calipers and are not seen when fitted.
They are powder coated to stop any further corrosion and so their looks are enhanced also.
Powder coating is stronger and has better corrosion resistance than paint and will last years not months like paint.

Return calipers you send to receive your surcharge back must be the same type/style of calipers you purchase from us.

We don't accept non genuine calipers in exchange such as the lower quality copies and exchange sets must be returned within 28 days unless otherwise agreed by ourselves prior to order been placed. Calipers returned late without permission will incur a 25% reduction in the surcharge you receive back. This is to make sure we aren't left in a position of having to buy in stock then pay out surcharges also on late returns.